hOST R0CK (ho-st Ruh-k) a.k.a Rock was one of the most loyal members of the community. After 3 years, he was finally permanently ranked on July 15, 2014. After realizing the corruption this clan had, he resigned one year later when nothing happened to the ex-admin of Cora Dyce, Zodz. Zodz scammed Rock $40 and there was clear proof of it everywhere but the owner, Cora Dyce simply said "We need him for web coding." Til this day, Zodz is still kept as a rank and the scam dispute has secretly disappeared from the public and the ranks. After realizing that Zodz has kept as a rank after clear proof, he decided to resign and started to ruin Cora Dyce from the inside out. Some say that was a "dick" move coming from him, but it evens it out in the end. Ruining Cora Dyce over a measly $40 that the ex-admin scam is a pretty good trade-off. Since resigning on August 14, 2015 Cora Dyce is slowly dying off and will disappear completely.

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