Cora Dyce originally became known as a dice dueling clan at its previous location, Romeo and Juliets house. Then after a massive community vote in July of 2011 the clan had moved from Romeo and Juliet's house to the Spirit Tree by August of 2011.  Cora Dyce is currently located at the Spirit Tree Northwest of the Grand Exchange.

Romeo and Juliets House LocationEdit

Cora Dyce wasn't technically started at Romeo and Juliet's but instead at the Spirit Tree on May 23, 2011, but after a few days it was moved to Romeo and Juliet's House.  There it gained it's popularity and community we now know.  After many months Cora Dyce's growth became outstanding and needed a new home for the thousands of members it held.  An announcement was made on the website for the members to vote if the clan should migrate to the Spirit Tree in the Grand Exchange for a more iconic home.  After much arguing and thousands of votes the decision was made and the Grand Exchange Spirit Tree of world one was Cora Dyce's new spot.

Spirit Tree LocationEdit

When the move was made to the Spirit Tree there was a lot of skeptical thoughts on if this was the right decision and if people would actually be able to find us.  One of the biggest worries of this time from the clan was that the school year was starting up again and many hosts and members would not be as active and the clan would die.  This meant that the hosts and members would have to to the best of their ability build the clan to the top.  During this time a weekly drop of 100M was made along with monthly drops, all of which was paid by the hosts as a whole.  The clan did nothing but grow bigger and more connected during this time.  Many of the hosts began contributing to the community on their own by hosting giveaways, special events, and bringing forth ideas to improve Cora Dyce.  Then a tragic event for all dicers happened the removal of dice bags.  Many dicers freaked out and became worried about what the future was for Cora Dyce was, but in the end Cora prevailed and created a gambling method known as an IRC.  This was a complex program where it replicated Runescape's dice rolling, along with many other fun games including poker and lucky sevens.  Cora still grew and gave back to the community as before their monthly drop parties became enourmous from 1B drops to 3B drops and finally to the biggest drop party of it's time in the whole Runescape community our 12.5B Drop Party.  For a while Cora Dyce just glided along as a dicing clan, it didn't grow or fall.

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