Originally Jamestehgod, James (Jamie) joined Cora Dyce on February 19th, 2012.  He started out as a huge spammer, and many people disliked him for it.  After several months he realized that spamming was getting him nowhere and changed his ways.  He began posting constructive and rather funny posts, which made the community of Cora Dyce realize that he wasn't such a bad guy after all. 


Random Facts

Is a forum VIP.

Has more than 6000 posts on the Cora Dyce forums.

Is part of a cult with Rand al'Thor and Lelz.

He has had a few tiffs with fellow brit, Award (Jon), who started #TeamHateJames.  Later, #TeamDon'tHateJames was created by Christina, and in the end #TeamHateJames died out. 

Was known for his Shrek forum avatar for a while, before changing it to something that this editor cannot remember right now.

Likes chicken.

Won Best Community Member of 2012 Award.

Was a contributer to The Cora Dyce Weekly Newspaper.

Was a Cora Trade recruit. (By accident).

Achieved over 100 vouches.

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