Cora Dyce - Road To Santa (winning streak)

Cora Dyce - Road To Santa (winning streak)

Dice BagsEdit

Since the beginning of Cora Dyce, using ingame dice bags had always been the traditional method for gambling.  However, in November 2011, they were removed from the game, due in part to the amount of people complaining that they were getting scammed by random dice hosts.  Many clans died out because of the removal, but Cora Dyce remained strong.  While other people quit or gave up, they brainstormed to find a new method for dicing.

Dicing in the IRCEdit


In mid-November 2011, a coder by the name of Timer was hired to create a bot with coradyce administrator Zodz which would allow people to dice as with dice bags, just in an IRC (Internet Relay Chat).  Late November, IRC dicing was announced in CD.  Using the CoraDyceBot, hosts created duels, then the bettors simply type !roll to roll their 'dice'.  After a while, many preferred the IRC to dice bags.  It's still used as the main way to dice today. 

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