Written by James.


The Cora Dyce's Weekly Newspaper had its first issue published on August 6th 2012, by Juliaz. Since then, there has been 23 issues. The newsletter soon became popular, and was stickied each week. It has been run by various community members, hosts and mods - some who have contributed for longer than others.

The newsletter consists of a number of different sections each week. An example of some sections have been :

- Host of The Week. An interview with a host.

- James' American Corner. A jumble of different games, interviews and puzzles.

- Christina's Fashions. Advice to community members in what they should and shouldn't be wearing in game.

The last issue was on March 4th 2013. However, there are future plans to bring the newsletter back.


Juliaz - on and off on all issues.

Zemlyr - Founder and worked on and off since Issue 1.

Sean - Issue 10-18.

James - Issue 16-23.

Christina - Issue 20-23.

Stark/Jordan - Issue 17-19.

Firefury - Issue 22-23.

Mistro - Issue 18.

Waded - Issue 22.

Timmy - Issue 23.

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