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  Christina joined Cora Dyce on August 19th, 2011 under the name Miz Ma y. There were very few females in CD at the time, and a lot of people demanded proof that she was actually a girl.  For many months no proof was given, and most firmly believed that she was a boy.  Christina grew tired of all the insults after a while, and decided to talk to a couple of the current ranks on Skype in order to prove her womanhood.  Most interesting was the call to Duya, who strongly believed that Christina was a Chris.  When Duya picked up the call, he demanded that she name every color of H'ween mask. She answered immediately, and since then Duya has been one of her most loyal followers.

Getting ranked

Christina became a trial rank April 14th, 2012, and a perm rank on May 12th of the same year. She resigned as a host on June 5th, 2013.

Random facts

Originally joined Cora Dyce as Miz Ma y, then changed her name to Miz May as that became available. When she was first given perm rank, she had to change her name to Z6N to prevent impostors. She is currently Witch ingame. 

Became a Forum Moderator in January of 2013. 

Was 15 years old when she first joined Cora Dyce.

Has 1 cat, Webs, whom she adores.

Was a forum spammer during her first 6 months at cd, then stopped when she realized how bad it was.

Created #TeamDon'tHateJames, in support of one of her friends, James.

Best friends at Cd : Aid (ex-host), Ryan (Hi Who, current host/moderator), Jthrust (ex-host), and Nancy (ex-host, quit).

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